Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to Blue Jeans & Black Coffee
As a forty-something work at home mom and wife, blue jeans are my uniform; taking my coffee black not only kicks starts my day, saves me money and calories, it allows me to savor the flavor of a quality brew. Both of these things, jeans and coffee, are basic, humble and filled with potential. Pair heels with jeans I’m ready for evening out, add Kahlua and cream to the coffee and I’m indulging in a delectable treat. Similarly, so many of the best and most enjoyable things and experiences in life are simple ones that with our own personal touch become special and meaningful. The dismal economy has certainly sped me along this path, though I’ve always believed quality is better than quantity, that good food nourishes the soul as much as the body, that simple is better than complicated. This blog is a place to catalogue, explore, and hopefully share ideas with others who have a similar viewpoint; I’ll put the coffee on…

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