Monday, January 9, 2012

A Welcome Guest

We had a special visitor this weekend. He came unannounced and made himself right at home which was fine with us. Our guest was a four-point mule deer buck who amid a lovely snowstorm settled down to the business of pawing through the snow to eat old apples that I didn’t manage to get picked up during the fall yard cleanup. He watched as my husband shoveled snow from the deck, not so much warily, as interested. A beautiful specimen with a thick neat brown coat, he was solidly built and obviously well fed (thank goodness, I hate seeing them scrawny). I am always amazed how that crown of antlers just disappears amid the winter shrubbery, and how if he remained absolutely still we probably would not have even noticed him.

What a treat to see this lovely wonder of nature in our back yard, which is located “in town.” Of course we had to keep Maddy the Dog inside which she did not like one bit, but manners dictated that our guest have use of the yard as long as he wanted it.

Even though I live in a place where seeing deer is not uncommon, it is usually from a distance or through the window of a car.  When they come into our personal space, it is truly magical, a sort of blessing, a delight The photos are of last year’s visitor, I was too afraid I’d break the spell if I ran to get the camera.

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  1. It's always so magical when they feel at peace enough to settle down -- we were blessed this summer, as I managed to capture in this post